‘Rattlesnake Creek’ iPad painting

Been awhile… A little scribble.


8 thoughts on “‘Rattlesnake Creek’ iPad painting

  1. Hi Ben. I have been following you quite sometime, since I bought a Pochade Box from you a few years back. I have enjoyed seeing your iPad Sketches the past few years. I was wondering what app you use to do your sketches? I recently bought the new iPad pro with its pencil stylus and hope to do some sketches myself. I am trying out Artrage and Procreate. Thanks for a reply and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • Hi Howard—that sounds like a fun setup. I use ArtRage, seems the most ‘painterly’ I guess, so pretty much all the sketches on here that are done on the ipad are artrage. Have fun!

    • Hi Sherry, good to hear from you. It’s just a sketch done on an ipad using a drawing/painting app (ArtRage in this case). Kind of fun. Hope all is well and you are doing some art, mostly I just work and sketch once in awhile.

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