‘Cafe Desideri’ video

Wanted to try a big print of this so made a video of it while playing the script. Buena Vista Social Club for the music…Cuba isn’t that far away from Little Corn so seemed appropriate.


4 thoughts on “‘Cafe Desideri’ video

  1. That was utterly delightful, Ben! The painting flowed in time to the music – did it really, or was I just imagining that? Was the painting actually done in the time it took the music to play? Sorry, I’m not very techno-savvy.

    • Hi Susan, glad you enjoyed it! I think the painting took 45 minutes to an hour. You can speed it up when you replay it in artrage, and then when you make it into a video you can speed it up again. But you can’t actually specify a time, it’s x4 or x8 or whatever. Then I just look through the little bit of music we have in itunes and try to find a song that is pretty much the same length as the video…sounds complicated maybe but it’s really not. Wish I could paint that fast!

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