‘Blue Road’ ipad painting

Be kind of fun to print these out at 40″ x 30″ or so…


4 thoughts on “‘Blue Road’ ipad painting

  1. As much as I like a ‘real’ painting (with actual paint), I do have to admit, Ben, that you’re able to to make marks in your iPad paintings, such as the marvelous lines in the sky, that would be much harder, or that you’d be less likely to do with actual paint. Great job.

    • The ipad is great for ‘never ending’ lines, that’s for sure. Not to mention the reverse arrow for making them disappear… It would be hard to get the same effect in paint, lots of medium and transparent pigments I suppose, most likely acrylics, might be able to get something similar. You can copy an image and print it out for yourself if you want, Susan, you should be able to get a decent 9×12. Big ones I’d have to run the file through the mac artrage and resize to get the pixel count really high…I have no idea what a big print costs.

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