‘Left’ ipad painting


Just messing around with some brush settings and whatnot–left hand as usual not doing anything so…


‘Blue Road’ 18×24 canvas print


One more iteration of this image. I was curious to see what it would look like printed in a fairly large format, so when I replayed the Artrage script to make the video I also increased the final image size by a factor of four. At the same time I specified the dpi at 300, so it made for a big digital file that printed out nice and crisp. Colors are pretty true as well–a fun experiment…

‘Blue Road’ Video

Wanted to remind myself how to create a video from an artrage painting script. Vimeo is lame these days–can’t even use music that you own in your videos, as they have software that identifies it and prevents you from uploading it. It’s kind of equivalent to preventing someone from putting on music at a party because they’re violating the copyright by playing it in public. No doubt that day is coming soon… Update: uploaded the video to to Youtube instead and updated the link.