‘Clearwater Winter’ Artrage script to video

Here’s the vid of painting that last piece I posted. Head and the Heart is the soundtrack–it was the right length and titled “Winter Song”, so had to be the right one…


3 thoughts on “‘Clearwater Winter’ Artrage script to video

  1. Ben, I love these constructive videos of yours. I assume that traditional “wet-in-wet” techniques on canvas become “wet-in-dry” when done on an iPad – yes? You’re becoming a real master with color. Thanks much for sharing these works,


    • Thanks Jerry–it was bright enough with sunlit snow at my back that some color choices were essentially guesses. Just couldn’t see the screen very well with the glare. Artrage does a good job of modeling wet-into-wet, almost too much so–lots of color blending takes place on the ‘canvas’. And you can use a palette knife tool to blend more, or set a brush up with no paint loading and blend with that…

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