‘Video of Pear Duo’

Just trying to get familiar with the process of taking the ipad sketch, transferring to artrage, playing the script, then making it into a video…


7 thoughts on “‘Video of Pear Duo’

  1. Kind of magical how sometimes the color strokes actually dance to the music. Can’t say I understand it, but I am pretty darn amazed at your cutting the edge of art-in-motion.

  2. Looks awesome!
    Perfect pears and Moorcheeba.
    I can see I’m going to have to give a copy of final cut so you can really start getting down and dirty with your editing!

  3. Awesome work. Questions from me:

    The video is 4 mins. How long to actually paint from beg to end?

    Using the app, do you ever “undo” something or just paint over something you’re not happy with?

    Is there a counter on the app that tells you how many brush strokes you use?


    • Bosta, stapkwaet… It took 4 minutes of course. No counter for brush strokes I’m afraid. You can undo, but I like to just paint into it again and again until it looks least wrong. Samfala gud wan…

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