‘Pear Duo’ ipad painting

Sort of borrowed one of the kitchen cabinets as a still life ‘stage’.


‘Clouds II’ 11×14 oil on panel

A paint version of the ‘cloud atlas’ sketch posted earlier. I’m usually a filbert kind of guy, but a hog bristle round felt better for some reason. I usually just use one or two brushes and straight paint, no thinner chaser, no, not even for brush cleaning. In case you were interested.

‘Lolo Creek Vid’ ipad painting script

So I submitted ‘Lolo Creek Complex’ to the Missoula Art Museum fundraising auction and it snuck in, which meant getting a print made and so on. Anyway, I got the full sized Mac version of Artrage so I could play back my scripts (a record of your paint strokes made in Artrage on the ipad). One thing is that the file can be made very large–big prints are possible. Another is making a fun little video out of it, sticking some music on, and putting it on Vimeo. Thanks to Sarah the film wiz for the help!