‘Elk Calf Mountain’ ipad sketch


On the way home stayed over at Marias Pass and in the morning hiked up behind the campground a bit and did this one. End of park paintings, sorry for the deluge. Back to my sporadic posting…


8 thoughts on “‘Elk Calf Mountain’ ipad sketch

  1. I recently found your postings via Reclinerart’s site. I’m enjoying your return to more frequent postings and park paintings. It’s because of your work and Pat’s that I purchased an iPad and I would love to know more about the steps or process you use. Also have enjoyed your postings since I’m just over the hill to your west in the Clearwater area and always enjoy the change of pace in Missoula.

    • Thanks Susan, glad you’ve enjoyed visiting. My process is pretty simple–I use the app ArtRage most of the time, and a basic stylus. Create a toned canvas, sketch with the pencil or crayon or chalk tool, and then use the chalk or oil brush to paint. Some tools I don’t use at all, some I mess around with from time to time, but I tend to work pretty much exactly the same as I do using ‘analog’ media. Once you get used to it one of the benefits is the speed–you can do a decent sketch in 20-25 minutes, a long one takes an hour. Color picking is faster than color mixing, no brush to wipe and clean, no palette cleanup, no solvents, and minimal setup. Fast. The downsides are pretty obvious–screen reflection when you’re outside can be brutal, battery life to think about, and you don’t end up with a sketch you can display or sell. But I enjoy it…

  2. Don’t apologize for the deluge, Ben. I’m sure anyone following these posts appreciates each one. I like the in-depth description of your ipad painting process here, as well as the Elk Calf Mountain painting. Just wondering – have you noticed if your ipad painting experience has made any differences to the way you paint with real paint and brushes?

    • Thanks Susan! They were fun to do and the ipad turned out to be a pretty good tool for backcountry use, which I wasn’t sure was going to be the case. To tell the truth I’ve been sketching on it pretty exclusively and haven’t picked up paint for awhile. Again it’s that convenience addiction–I’ve been working a lot and tend to go to the fastest possible medium when I need to paint.

      • I have to admit (reluctantly) that I really like your ipad paintings, but I bemoan the fact that there’s no possiblity (so far) of ever owning one. But, again, I understand how you could become enamored of the process. I love your work, however you do it. You’re an inspiration.

      • Thanks Susan! I haven’t tried printing any but I might just to see what they look like. Could at least have it on a wall that way… I sure appreciate the fact that you enjoy looking at the posts!

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