‘Little Lake’ ipad sketch


A pretty and unimaginatively named lake a ways up in the Rattlesnake. About 20 miles one way but most of that biked. Nice day all in all…


7 thoughts on “‘Little Lake’ ipad sketch

  1. Holy crap, Ben. These are amazing! Art Rage?? I got a ‘pad recently and have been putzing around, have not tried Art Rage but will have to give it a try. I would love to see your tripod mount for iPad sketching in the great outdoors. There is something seemingly wrong about that but I am not sure what it is, especially when I have been altering my photos with my iPad apps for quite a while and find it very, very satisfying. What would Monet do? Or Ansel? Clearly Ben would do quite weill. Likey.

    • Thanks Doug–it’s fun to play with and I like Artrage. If you dig back a few pages you can see some pics of the little box I made, Ipochade, whatever… Screen reflection is brutal and the main thing you struggle with. I carry a little travel umbrella now and try to remember to wear a dark shirt, look for shady spots to stand, etc. Other than that I paint with it pretty much the same, just less messy… Sketch with a pencil, grab an oil brush heavily loaded, and go to it. You can do much more than that but I like the simplicity of that approach. Have fun, it’s only like five bucks, might as well. It does seem a little strange at first but I’ve realized it’s just another image making tool, another elaboration of a charred stick…

      • Ah. I knew it would be a variation of your wonderful alla prima boxes. An iPad version of the Belly River, with Sun Clips…. might be a big seller in the App Store !

        I agree that all these tools are just variations of the good old charred stick on rock in Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc…. we are all just descendants, recording what moves us, with the tools at hand. My only wonder is how all this electronic art will be preserved. Of course, tho’ art is long, nothing lasts forever. Still 30,000 for Chavet Cave is a looong time.

    • Thanks Jerry. I don’t know, looks pretty green to me…they were a little backlit and super saturated and bright. Tough to paint… I don’t usually spend much time in the green area of the color picker either.

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