‘Sunday Sky’ ipad sketch


Dear Sunday–don’t leave…please.  I’ll change…


7 thoughts on “‘Sunday Sky’ ipad sketch

    • Thanks Susan–the signature thing I can’t claim credit for, maybe my subconscious can. I like to just pick the eraser and ‘scratch’ my name in so the color of the background comes back through.

  1. Ben, I have been enjoying and dazzled by your iphone/pad pics from the beginning. From the first scratches on the iphone they have become just as fully realised loose spontanous and right on as your best oil. I just got the free app and getting your same scratcher. Question. On enlarging the Sunday Sky I see canvas like texture. What is that? Just don’t put away your hammer and nails yet. I’m thinking of changes for my box. Keep on brushing, Barney Loret de Mola

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Barney, thanks for checking them out. I’ve been using an app called ArtRage on the ipad. It has numerous canvas “textures” you can choose from, adjust, and pick a color for if you want. That’s not to mention importing something you make or take a picture of and painting over that. I’ve hardly dug into it at all. If you look through some comments you might see some from ‘patgaig’–she does lots of cool stuff with textures.

      Don’t worry, I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon!

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