‘Two Larches’ ipad sketch


A bike ride and little plein air piece.  Snowbowl in the background.  The larches have not busted a move yet up here, though down at the house they are blushing green.  Haven’t found any ticks yet.  Bonus. Smelled very elky but didn’t find any sheds.

This is just a v1 prototype, but works OK.  The sunscreen folds up and goes in, and of course the ipad goes in as well.  With a little travel umbrella of blackest black (which I don’t have yet), held over your shoulder to block the light coming in from behind it might not be too bad…. That shiny-ass apple glass, looks so good in starbucks, so bad out in the woods.  The ‘pad seemed a little scared to be so far away from a venti soy latte.

IMG_0132            IMG_0131


14 thoughts on “‘Two Larches’ ipad sketch

  1. Lol, your saving a ton of money on paint, brushes and panels etc. 🙂

    Are you able to get any kind of internet reception out there? Maybe bear or elk APP

    They ought to have some buttons for washing your brushes, palette etc. sort of a list before you can pack it up lol. Nice painting by the way I like it.


    • Ha–thanks Randall! The only real bonuses to digital media for plein air that I can see are you don’t ruin as many shirts and you can eat that apple you brought without getting a dose of cadmium…

  2. Ah. I was getting a little nature overdose heebie jeebies here. The elk stuff almost pushed me over the edge. Tell the iPad I understand and sympathize. Great V1.Folding Sunscreen! How brilliant and necessary.
    Absolutely beautiful painting as per usual.

    Um…..larches! Which ones are they?

    • You know, the two naked ones on the left… Look like evergreens, but lose their needles in golden glory come October, stand straight and tall, do nature-type tree stuff. Your NYC missives always make me feel like I’m hearing from Saturn, so I can sympathize…

      I like your pine tree and cd stack of nasty organisms the last few days!

  3. Ben,

    Just out and out beautiful. The light is so right – I feel i”m there. I’m still amazed at the electronic media being used.


  4. Ben, this is great! I love the colors and the forward trees just pop. Makes me feel I am there and breathing in the fresh air. The hood for the Ipad looks like you are doing large format photography – Ansel Adams style! Very cool. Think you have a great idea.

    • Thanks Sharon–I definitely find the more light you can keep off the screen, the better off you are. They’ll solve that one of these days I’m sure, but for now, sun shades, hoods, black shirts, umbrellas–whatever works!

    • Kind of cool and would help. The really difficult thing to deal with is brightly lit objects or sky behind you and/or sun on your face, you just see your mug staring back at you…can’t see anyway but umbrella to handle it.

  5. Hi Ben, longtime follower. Took my ipad out today to a wilderness park. I thought I would be able to sit in shade. Wasn’t able to. But it was slightly overcast. I ended up wearing my polarized sun glasses. Something I never do when doing Plein air. Actually helped with the reflection off the ipad. And the painting didn’t come out half bad considering the glasses.

    • Good idea Robert… It didn’t mess up the color perception too much I take it. I’ve worn sunglasses painting a few times and it seemed to work OK, but haven’t tried with the ipad. Thanks for the tip!

  6. I’m coming to this a little late, but have enjoyed catching up on what you are doing with the ‘pad. Do you print these, or are they for enjoyment through the glass? Can’t wait to see more of your stuff when we come visit in July!

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