‘Hill and Clouds’ ipad sketch



A 20 minute ‘hit’ on the artrage pipe.  It’s a calming drug.  Snow on the last day of April…


6 thoughts on “‘Hill and Clouds’ ipad sketch

  1. There are so many things I like about this one – the shapes of the clouds, the strokes of the pen or brush (whatever), color of the ‘underpainting’, small triangle of deep blue sky on right, just above horizon, the little bits of underpainting showing through here and there, color of sky in upper left corner, pattern and color of vegetation, yada yada, yada……

    • Thanks for taking the time to look so carefully Susan–I appreciate that! Wanted to try a whole painting with the ‘pastel’ and I do like me a colored ground for pastels. There’s a bunch of blending, ‘palette knife’ tools to investigate but my interest in smudging isn’t very high. I like real pastels but they are an unbelievable mess to work with, and I’m not known as a fastidious person either…

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