‘Sunset April 19’ ipad sketch



Borrowed Julie’s ipad and loaded up the  free Sketchbook app…  Not a lot of brush choices, so just used the ‘pencil’.


2 thoughts on “‘Sunset April 19’ ipad sketch

  1. Not quite bad, i agree with so few options; but i think you’ll be very satisfied trying this great sofware ArtRage” (the iPhone version, still others are aavailable too as for the iPad and Desktops PC/Mac as you’ll see in their site), a must! [URL] http://www.artrage.com/artrage-iphone.html

    I’m very well impressed with these yours new digital artworks, and wish to know more and your beleives on this new Media (Digital) in flavor to Oil Paintings.

    Me too, i’m painting in watercolor, a few times in Oils and Acrylics, drawing… well i usually go “Traditional Media”, but i play digital too, most with this software “ArtRage” on my desktop PC with a “Wacom” Tablet (kind of electronic Pen/Brush).


    • Thanks Jose, I use artrage for the iphone quite a bit. Actually I just borrowed the ipad for this sketch so just used a free app, mostly I just sketch on the phone and use artrage for that. Digital is definitely interesting, extremely convenient, no cleanup…lots of positive things about it. Most of all just increasing the number of times I tend to draw and paint because it’s in my pocket all the time. And the sketches don’t take up any space! On the negative side, assuming an artist wants to sell paintings that presents some challenges, I don’t know how you’d sell a digital sketch as fine art. Perhaps some value in an original digital file, but it’s going to be more complicated. Easier to pirate a digital file than paint a convincing forgery. In the long run as display technology improves it’s pretty easy to see that painting will go through a translation somewhat like music and photography have done, the format is here to stay I believe. Younger artists will become completely accustomed to working digitally and displaying digitally, and working with actual paint will become less common–more of what is already happening in short…

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