‘April 17 Sunset’ iphone sketch


Gazing out the window, which is actually a bay window that juts out of the west end of the house.  Kind of like the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon…  But it has a comfy cushion so I can lay there and sketch.  Go to hyperspace Chewy…let’s get off this rock.


4 thoughts on “‘April 17 Sunset’ iphone sketch

  1. Another very nice image, Ben. I’m amazed at how the program allows you to paint almost identically to your real oil painting style. I could imagine a sketch as above, a photo with the same iPhone – and you’re ready for a large studio piece ( just perfect for cold, rainy, Oregon, weather). This is the “artrage” program,, right?


    • Thanks Jerry–yep, these are done with artrage recently. It is interesting how ‘style’ translates across media… I wrote in another comment that it could be a powerful tool for studies, with photos, color notes and sketches, all there as reference material, not to mention working out more complete study paintings. The ipad would probably be better yet, but I like the inconsequential nature of the phone sketches and the small format. The difficulty of sketching with it in strong light is a problem for outdoor use–light management is even more of an issue than with actual paint. Give it a try, it’s only a couple of bucks. The lack of precision might drive you crazy, I don’t know–at the very least get a stylus. I like the iFaraday I just got, seems to work well.

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