‘Lolo Peak 7am’ iphone sketch


Concerning a mesa in New Mexico, Georgia O’Keefe said something along the lines of, ‘That mountain belongs to me.  God told me if I painted it enough I could have it.’  Just trying to get my claim in on Lolo.


5 thoughts on “‘Lolo Peak 7am’ iphone sketch

  1. That is just fabulous, Ben. Was the sky that bright compared to the land? Not at all a criticism – I love it, but I’ve never been there. Such a wonderful vision you have. Thanks.

    • Thanks Susan…it was pretty bright with everything in shadow except the top of the ridge. I took a photo the day before, which just makes all the shadow area black since the camera can’t handle that range of value. Kind of blocked in over it laying in bed, just fooling around, then the next morning it was clear again so I was able to stand there for 15 minutes and repaint it all with some color. It’s a very handy tool that way.

      • I would imagine it would be a useful tool for doing ‘field sketches’ for studio paintings of early morning subjects – even small ones, which you couldn’t actually paint in such dim light. I’d love to see an oil version of this…….

      • Definitely–one could easily imaging using it in combination with photos to do larger pieces. Take some pics, do some sketching and make color notes of what you’re actually seeing instead of what the camera sees. It would be nice if it could handle outside light better, screen just gets overwhelmed. Maybe a black travel umbrella would help, but keeping light and bright reflection off the glass somehow would be a must, at least for color sketching…

  2. Ben, this is Susan Kaput – sometimes my comments are attributed to “Myrilla”. I don’t know how to change that. Just wanted you to know .

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