‘Lamplit’ iphone scribble



Companion piece to sketch below…


4 thoughts on “‘Lamplit’ iphone scribble

  1. Hey Ben. You are really getting good with this app!!! Inspiring me to work with it more on my Ipad! What brush settings are you using? Looks like you have gained real control of it.

    • Hey Sharon, I’m just using it pretty much like I usually paint–draw a little, then select the juicy glossy brush and fire away. If it gets too “thick” and smeary I’ll reestablish lines with the ‘quick dry’ brush, or a crayon, or you could open another layer, etc.. Then paint into it again to kill any hard lines that bug you. This is just the iphone version, the ipad version is no doubt way more customizable and has many more options. It’s great for indoor/night sketching, outside in daylight the screen reflection is out of hand. Actually thought about getting an ipad but I borrowed one and it’s basically unusable (for me and what I want to do with it) outside. But as a nocturne tool it would be pretty hard to beat.

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