‘Evenings’ phone sketches




In the evening it’s nice to sit by the window and watch the sky. The impermanence of light is most evident in the last hour of day, you can feel the spin of the world.


2 thoughts on “‘Evenings’ phone sketches

  1. I’m really enjoying watching you experiment with your phone drawings. Thanks for sharing them. Thinking about buying a stylus and giving it a go. Are you using Artrage or something else?

    • Hi Sharron, I’m using artrage and sketchbook mobile. Sketchbook mobile is like more drawing with markers on whiteboard, but it’s really fast and you can make the marks more or less opaque to let color below show through. Artrage has brushes that mimic painting wet into wet, or you can use a palette knife to blend. Also more oil pastel-like choices and canvas/paper textures to paint on. It reacts a little slower and can fall behind if you’re scribbling–suits a slower approach. Neither is expensive, a couple of bucks, so it’s a cheap experiment.

      Main problem with electronic media I’ve found is it just isn’t capable of going outside on a bright day. Shade is an absolute requirement, the darker the better. Glass reflection just wipes out your ability to select colors and see what you’re doing. Inside it’s amazingly convenient, a sketchbook in your pocket with no cleanup required…

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