‘Narcissitrus’ 11×14 oil on panel



Does this mirror make me look fat?


2 thoughts on “‘Narcissitrus’ 11×14 oil on panel

  1. Love the colours in the green plate and the orange and the reflections in the ball…one question? Why do you leave the board with the brown primer showing…you do this a lot I feel it spoils the picture. You have such lovely juicy paint in the foreground and unfinished in the back. What are your views? A white cloth behind the ball would look good! Hope you don’t mind…I’ve been wanting to say this for some time! I know I would appreciate honest criticism! Kind regards, Georgie

  2. I don’t know Georgie, sometimes I paint very impasto, sometimes not. In these still lifes the background is thin washes of color over the panel so the wood shows through. For these paintings I’m just following Whistler’s dictum: “Paint should not be applied thick. It should be like breath on the surface of a pane of glass.” I saw his small works at the Freer once, the grain of the wood panel was clearly evident, and they were very beautiful. The ‘unfinished’ critique doesn’t really have much relevance anymore I don’t think, it’s been made since early impressionism at least–Whistler was himself attacked for it quite often… Sorry you don’t like them!

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