A Whistler link…since I didn’t paint anything.

American Art | Harmony in Brown and Gold: Old Chelsea Church | F1902.152a-b.

With the still life paintings I’ve been doing recently I’ve been  painting quite thin, diluting the paint a lot and ‘instant glazing’, I guess you could say.  It’s not glazing in the sense of building up layers of transparent color that dry between efforts, just alla prima glazing, since the paintings are completed in an hour or two.  But they’re thickly painted compared to James McNeill Whistler’s small location paintings, painted on primed or unprimed wood panels, as in the example I linked to here.  I like these small works a lot.  I also like Tom Thomson, but the two couldn’t be more different in terms of how they applied paint…

I’d hoped the link would embed the image, but it didn’t, click to check it out.