‘Fenceline Trail’ 16×20 oil on panel

Often paintings like this–featuring slanted, powerful late afternoon/early evening light–are called ‘Witching Hour’ or ‘Magic Hour’ or ‘Golden Moment’ or some other cheesy title.  I thought of ‘Solid Gold’ but that just made me think of the Solid Gold Dancers.  Damn I loved those dancers…  I just snapped this as it sat on the easel so it’s a bit blurry maybe.

Really coming to appreciate how nice it is to have a bike set up to haul all the crap.  It’s not actually a lot of crap but the pochade box is pretty big.  And you can still rip some singletrack on the way home as long as you don’t get too carried away…



7 thoughts on “‘Fenceline Trail’ 16×20 oil on panel

  1. You’ve captured the colors of a dry end-of-summer August in the Missoula area. The bleached out hills and conifers are a striking contrast. Nice work. I always thought the Solid Gold Dancers were a little lame, just sayin….

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