‘Endless Summer’ 20×16 oil on panel


Or seems endless anyway…  80 degrees or so, only a few touches of gold in the leaves.


‘Smoky September’ 16×20 oil on panel

A ways up in the Rattlesnake, around Big Lake.  Back in olden times imagination was in short supply.  So very very smoky, but it lifted a little while I was painting and the hike and ride out was nice…  Here you can see a classic compositional error–repeating shapes, same size and spacing.  Our brains are shockingly lazy.  Took this pic as it sat on the easel…

End of the road…switch to feet.  The trusty steed again, I just love this bike.

‘Friday Night Lights’ 16×20 oil on panel

It’s true, I didn’t have much going on for Friday evening so I set up on the deck and painted–I’ve never even tried a nocturne before.  Surprisingly fun–maybe my idea of an exciting Friday is a little strange, but I enjoyed it. Sorry about the shine at the top of the photo but it’s really hard to avoid the reflection when the paint is fresh and glossy…