‘Spring Creek Crossing’ 16×20 oil on panel

Still some cool shady places along this creek in the Rattlesnake…


3 thoughts on “‘Spring Creek Crossing’ 16×20 oil on panel

  1. fits nicely all together , I like the way all the brush strokes fan out around the path, those 5 red trees make a nice pattern, I think of an arm and 5 fingers when I look at this, the painting is making a ‘whole’, very nice.

      • This is how I FEEL when I look at your paintings…and when a viewer has a feeling it is completing the full circle, you the artist and us the viewers..it is very interesting as everybody feels or sees something different which is why art is so wonderful. It is coming from my subconscious. I have written a bit about it in my blog http://georgierey.blogspot.com have a look in 7 Cascades, deep space-subconscious: ” the artist’s primary task to disintegrate the articulate and rational surface perception and to call up secondary processes in the public which will restore the articulate structure and rational content of surface perception.” p 14. The Psycho-analysis of Artistic Vision and Hearing by Anton Ehrenzweig. (Heavy reading!) Also in Rollo May’s book “Love and Will” he says p.318 “Cezanne, saw and painted space in a new way…as a spontaneous totality, an immediate apprehension of form in space. He painted the BEING in space…the significant point is that it requires our participation in the picture itself if the painting is to speak to us”. food for thought!! Sorry, I’ve gone on a bit! I started thinking about this when my teacher would tell me that he liked one of my pictures and when I asked why he would say: “it’s all working together” which I never understood, but now I do. Your picture is doing the same, it is a whole, there isn’t ONE thing on it’s own, a tree or a rock. Good work!

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