Zion trip

Took some acrylics down to Zion on a week long trip–used them with a little 6×8 setup I made that all goes in a fanny pack.  So this is acrylic on multimedia board, done while sitting on a sandstone outcrop near Observation Point.  What a pretty trail that is…  But an immensely complex scene, right around noon, a real panorama from a high place–not my favorite sort of situation but an interesting challenge.  Acrylics…kind of fun but speed is of the essence.  Even using quite a bit of retarder the wet-on-wet potential is vanishing  in 15 minutes.   I’m getting some Golden Open acrylics to play around with–I kind of enjoyed the really fluid feel of the acrylic (compared to oils) but the drying time is tough to deal with, so  the opens, perhaps blended with regular, will be a possible solution.  Anyway my main goal was to get some notion of the precipitous height, the light pouring down from right overhead, the distant mountains a reassuring horizontal, the almost neon color of the reflected light on the shadowed red sandstone.  A lifetime of challenges down in that country…


2 thoughts on “Zion trip

  1. Hey there, Ben. Decided to go all the way back to your first blog posts and go forward, rather than backward, as I had been doing. I like this one a lot (I like many of them a lot), and I enjoy your writing style as well.

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