Spring Sky… 8×10 oil on panel

Experimenting with a blog…unfortunately perhaps, but what the heck.  Like many other painters (I hesitate to say artists, and stick with Van Gogh’s self description, but that’s another subject), I produce a fair amount of work and have no easy way to share it, or sell it for that matter.   My inclination to pursue art on a commercial basis is slight, my will to self-promote weak.  I have a painting website, but it’s a crude thing at best, makeshift, tattered–I’m no website designer.  So maybe this will be more fun.    

No claims that this will be a painting a day sort of operation–have to see how it evolves.  Sometimes I paint every day, sometimes not.  Also I don’t know how to use the software yet and apologize if things aren’t as smooth as they ought to be…

Today’s painting–on the way back from a camping trip down in Zion, I took a bunch of snaps out the window while driving.  Kind of like texting while driving but probably more foolish.  With the wind so rambunctious the Westfalia was having trouble attaining dangerous speed, however, so I wasn’t much of a threat.  The March sky between Dillon and Garrison was fascinating with isolated squalls stilting around on curved grey legs.  They seemed to call for a thick, sensual sort of paint.


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