‘Mixed Neighborhood’ 8×10 Oil on Board

Just some peppers, chillin…


‘Apple and Book’ 8×10 oil on board

Grabbed an apple and this book happened to be on the table, so I pulled it in.  It’s actually a book of paintings by Tom Thomson, probably my favorite artist.  What I most appreciate are his small field sketches, done with a little 8×10 sketchbox he just held in his lap or in his hand, bitten by blackflies, buffeted by wind.   The extreme immediacy of his painting is very appealing, and heightened by his tendency to take on fleeting subjects–northern lights, cloudscapes, the last 30 minutes of light with shadows growing as you watch, even a thunderstorm with a bolt of lightning.   I like that he could, and did, crash, and crash hard, but when he hits it the paintings are perfect–nothing can be added or taken away, the technique and spirit match the subject flawlessly.  That is an incredible thing.  Here’s a link to Cybermuse Gallery of Canada with lots of images:   http://cybermuse.gallery.ca/cybermuse/search/artist_work_e.jsp?iartistid=5427