‘Backyard Stairs and Aspens’ 8×10 oil on panel

Sitting on the patio, painting what’s at hand.

‘Deck Flowerpots’ 8×10 oil on panel

Ben so long since I posted anything I can’t remember how the dashboard works…just messing around with color shapers.

‘April 18′ 16×20 acrylic on panel


Using up some acrylics.

‘Whiskey with Charlie’ ipad painting

I did this still life painting a while back and submitted it for the Dana Gallery’s ‘Icons of the West’ show, but they didn’t seem to like it… Jeez, what could be more iconic than whiskey and good ol’ Charlie Russell? Guess I should have done a mountain man or a pony.

‘Hillside in Yellow’ 6×8 oil on paper

Pushing around some real paint in a little sketch.

‘Chance View’ ipad painting

Just randomly looking out a window at the neighborhood.

‘Hill and Cloud’ iPad painting

A hill in Sawmill Gulch, the sky starting to wind up with spring.


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